business decisions
with ai-powered prediction templates
Amanda, Chief Executive Officer
Small Automotive Supplier, Barcelona

Artificial intelligence is a game changer. But with our limited budget and data expertise, corporate adoption is out of reach for small companies.

Templates provide a totally new approach to business foresights and ensure that we are no longer stuck on the standing lane.

Pavel, Chief Executive Officer
Software Consulting Business, Prague

Smaller companies have a common issue: Budget & skill limitations prevent them to take advantage of data driven business foresights.

Templates tear down these barriers. Sharing them and setting up an eco system helps the small ones to become equal rights player again.

David, Senior Security Analyst
Midsize Manufacturer, Bordeaux

Cyber criminals do not care about scale. But smaller companies do not have the appropriate arsenal to stay ahead.

Prediction templates are those weapons we have long been waiting for to fight more effectively.

Asko, Marketing Director
Midsize Agency, Helsinki

Consumer foresights are our must-haves to target them with relevant messages. But without any data science expertise, it is just a dream.

Prediction templates that seamlessly work with our data management platform made this dream come true.

Linda, Campaign Manager
Small Agency, Copenhagen

I really work hard for outstanding campaigns. For me, it often remains guesswork, whether my messages reach the right audience.

Thanks to these foresight templates, our audience understanding reaches a completely new maturity level without any data science expertise.

Paul, Manager Predictive Maintenance
Manufacturing Industry, Augsburg

We have integrated so many sensors in our production line, but it is still not possible to predict, when one of our machines will be down.

Prediction templates work great with our IoT platform and now I am capable to answer the most urgent question: What will happen?

Alicia, Head of Cyber Defense
Midsize Pharmaceutical Company, Rome

We work with many different tools and all provide a myopic view. In our company, we are left alone to piece a holistic attack picture together.

Foresights are great for us. But gathering all of them into a single threat graph is an awesome approach that really changes the game.

Naija & Ana, Founder & Co-Founder
Sustainable Sports Fashion, Madrid

Fashion style is rapidly changing. As a small retailer, we cannot identify products with atypically high return rates before it is too late.

We always check the template market to experience how others have solved our problem. It is exciting to see that we are not alone.

Charles, Sales Director Omnichannel
Furniture Outlet, Warsaw

Social media are so important for us. But we cannot check each posted image by hand to know what buyers think about our latest products.

Templates make it so easy to add visual listening to our e-commerce platform: Choose a template, connect the platform and it is done.

Business Predictions For Everyone.
Templates for many business areas
Your digital journey is constantly leading to new predictive questions.
Imagine if you could answer them with a single approach. Accurate. Fast.
cyber defense

The digital era turns us all into worthwhile targets. Our templates detect suspicious network behavior, predict malware endpoints and more.

Incidents are added to a cyber threat graph or sent to your favorite incident response platform for further action.

ai marketing

Many campaigns just waste budget and often end in irrelevant messages.

Large scale companies use deep audience understanding to mitigate this problem.

Our templates help small and midsize companies to become equal rights player and also build relevant messages.


Large scale brands heavily use customer churn & return rate prediction, dynamic pricing, detect fake reviews and increase revenue with recommenders and visual search.

Our foresight templates empower smaller scale companies also to benefit from these outstanding features.

internet of things

Monitoring production lines with smart devices is an emerging need. But predicting downtimes and mitigating risks is reserved for large business.

Our templates bring predictive analytics to popular IoT platforms. This way, even small and midsize business gain more from their sensors.

The template way
Predictive Works.
Template market

Visit our cloud service and search the template market for templates, either included or shared, that are appropriate to answer your predictive question.

An integrated recommendation engine supports you to select the most relevant one.

Template Studio

Customize your selected template(s) to your individual needs and arrange them into a data workflow.

We support this step with a code-free visual editor.

Data Connectors

Connect your customized template(s) to your favorite data platform(s).

Foresight fabric

Feed Predictive Works. foresight fabric with your customized template(s). Templates are transformed into big data applications automatically, and your desired foresights are generated.

Templates are exciting
Prediction templates offer an outstanding alternative
for small and midsize business to stay ahead with foresights.
Small & midsize business no longer stay behind
Easy to use

Predictive Works. foresight templates do not require any data science expertise. Our templates replace costly data expert teams and offer business ready and code-free analytics for everyone.

Share & reuse

Predictive Works. democratizes artificial intelligence and is made to build a virtual eco system of small & midsize companies who know that 'reuse & share' is the key to reach the highest data maturity level.

Seamless integration

Predictive Works. empowers your favorite data platform to answer predictive business questions.

A broad range of technical connectors, from cyber defense to internet of things platforms, seamlessly integrate our prediction templates and protect your digital investments.

Boost your foresight efficiency
Templates offer an easy and fast way to answer your predictive questions.
Share your template modifications and use what others have shared, takes you to the next level.
Become a member of the business foresight premier league.
Why templates work
What data experts say
There are not so many data algorithms. The same algorithm can be reused to answer a variety of different business questions.
Data is unique, processing is not. Industry requirements are largely agnostic and can be standardized through processing templates.
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