Innovation is the new business asset.
Artificial intelligence must not end in an economy of two speeds.

In the digital era, companies at any scale demand deep digital insights about their stakeholders, but always undergo a lack of skills. It is time to leave traditional and retracted ways of thinking and respond to this.

What is the best way to describe today's market?

It is divided into two parts: On the one hand, there are those who can hire the necessary resources. They can evolve and benefit from business foresights to match their und their customers' needs.

And then there are the others. The little ones. Those who don't have the wherewithal for innovative solutions. Those whose business run the risk to drop like flies.

What are the alternatives for these small companies? Market offerings with a strong focus on a single business question, seldom adaptable with their existing platforms and rarely given answers beyond reporting level.

"What will happen?" or "How do we make it happen?" is mostly out of reach.

It seems so hopeless at first glance. But now, my customers can leave the artificial intelligence dilemma behind. By prediction templates. We checked this new way of templates.

The following features are important for us: Easy onboarding, seamless integration, and, templates answer a lot more predictive questions.

One thing, however, is really outstanding: They are business assets, that can be searched just as products on a market place, and, companies can share them across industries.

Templates that other companies shared are an endless treasure trove of experience and make our customers agile market players. Sharing is fast transforming.

Small companies are ready to overtake the big ones on the right.

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