Sensor Foresights
with AI powered prediction templates
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As an industrial manufacturer, we know that instrumenting our production lines and products with sensors is a unique opportunity to reinvent and transform ourself.

Our value chain must be transformed from product to customer centric.

Data-enabled offerings and valuable feedback into engineering and product design are part of our business development strategy.

Our IoT platforms is great in monitoring and visualizing huge amounts of data that are constantly created by our connected assets. But today, we have to act upon our data and monetize them manually.

Does your favorite IoT Platform look like this?
Device Monitoring
Aggregation & Rules
Actionable Foresights
Sample: Predictive Maintenance

You operate an IoT platform to collect production data, monitor pressure, temperature, vibrations and more to visualize the health status of your production line in real-time. But to predict issues before they happen, you need to add business data to provide relevant context to your machine data.

Search the template market for data profilers that match your favorite IoT platform, ERP and MES system. Optionally choose a rule engine to add logic. Then, pick a predictor engine and determine our maintenance graph (or any other data store) as your data destination.

Customize your selected template(s) to your individual needs and arrange them into a data workflow. Predictive Works. supports you with a code-free visual editor.

Connect your customized template(s) to your favorite IoT platform, ERP and MES system.

Feed Predictive Works. foresight fabric with your customized template(s). Templates are transformed into big data applications automatically, and your desired foresights are generated.

Connect to your selected data destination. Then, you are ready to perform root cause analysis and customize your maintenance activities for each machine or even for each component on a machine.

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