Relevant Campaigns
with AI powered prediction templates
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Most internet users believe that today's advertising messages are quite illustrative but not relevant.

Targeting consumers with relevant messages is a never-ending race, even if campaigns are data-driven and workflows are automated already.

Constantly new data appear on the horizon and add more and more pieces to our existing consumer picture.

But all these facts do not reveal the important relations to gain a holistic picture of our target audience.

Does your audience understanding look like this?
Aspects & Facts
Relation intelligence
Sample: Audience graph

You run a data management platform that offers certain facets of artificial intelligence already. But to really create relevant messages, you need to understand how all aspects & facts are connected.

Search the template market for a relation profiler that supports your favorite data management platform. Then, pick our audience graph as your data destination and you are close to a dynamic knowledge graph to gain real audience understanding.

Customize your selected template(s) to your individual needs and arrange them into a data workflow. Predictive Works. supports you with a code-free visual editor.

Connect your customized template(s) to your favorite data management platform.

Feed Predictive Works. foresight fabric with your customized template(s). Templates are transformed into big data applications automatically, and your desired foresights are generated.

Connect to your selected data destination. Then, you are ready to understand how your marketing messages become more relevant.

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