Relevance is the key to convince your audience.
It is a mess that I cannot launch efficient marketing campaigns.

Creating a campaign is much more than delivering inspiring slogans that generate goose bumps. We all enjoy such fancy moments. But, what really matters, is the return of invest.

Our customers want so sell products and increase their revenue. It is that simple.

"The right message for the right customer at the right time".

Constantly new first- to third-party data appear on the horizon and promise additional consumer insights. It is an endless and time-consuming way to walk through all of them to identify the right customer or moment.

And at the end of the day, there is always the same feeling: It is not enough to become relevant.

Our data management platform continually collects so many data and even aggregates them. However, a marketing campaign addresses the near future and what's relevant then, but I need to know it today.

All these predictive tools want me to become a data scientist, but I am a passionate marketeer. Algorithms, neural networks and other things, I do not understand, are probably very important. But not for me.

Do I really have to gain a computer science degree to gain a deep audience understanding?

I don't want to complain any longer. It's history.

My agency is following a new path: the template way. Motivation is back.

I was able to connect one of these audience templates with our data management platform. Even to fit existing templates to my needs was possible without an additional diploma.

It is really promising and my next campaign will be more effictive and relevant, for sure.

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