Transforming into data driven business is great.
I do not accept that my small company is forced to stay behind.

We are eager for artificial intelligence. Especially in this area, the size of a company determines not only its progress, but also the speed at which it moves forward.

We are not an eight-hundred pound gorilla and cannot afford to redouble efforts to catch up with these smart algorithms. Standing on the spot as a company is a bad feeling.

That can't be true. I simply cannot accept the fact that the size of my company determines whether it's allowed to remain a player on our market or not.

We regularly scan the market for decision support tools. There are countless offerings that outdo with their promises of real-time speed and highest accuracy. And what remains at the end of the day?

Most of them fall at the first fence as narrow point solutions answering single business questions. It's extremely annoying that actionable plus affordable technology for data driven foresights is rare as hen's teeth.

Is there a way out? Yes.

We took the next big step on the digital road, simply with prediction templates. And even more, you can search for them on a market place. Awesome.

It's fantastic, costly expert teams can be replaced by a template market. Effectivly transforming is not reserved for the big ones anymore.

Take the next step
You want to master your business decisions with data foresights?
You are convinced that your data expertise remains insufficient?
You believe predictive analytics exceeds your project budget?