It is time for a change.
I almost accepted that we had to build our campaigns on guesswork.
Hi Asko, why do you think "artificial intelligence" is relevant for you?
The better we are able to segment our audience, the more relevant are our campaigns.
Got it. Sorry for that, but my feeling is that many marketing messages do not matter.
That's the point. Real audience understanding depends on data scientists. Not cool, isn't it?
Ok, that sounds really frustrating.
It's crunch time. It's an urgent need for many marketeers to do data analytics by their own.
You told me, that you have tried our prediction templates.
Right. I never thought, it would be so easy. This template stuff is the change we need.
Any further plans?
Yes. We will integrate prediction templates into more and more marketing tasks.
Great to hear. Thank you.
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