Predictive Works.

Enter the era of AI Blueprints


Your barriers to AI powered insights

Limited Budget For AI projects
Shortage of AI expertise
Restricted time to gain insights
Plethora of data silos
“Data is unique, processing is not. Industries requirements are largely agnostic.”

Connect to code-free AI Blueprints

  • High-Level of Automation
  • Made for Business Needs
  • Abstracted from Algorithms
  • Reusable Workflows
  • Self-Serve Orchestration
  • Built on Connectors & Machines
“Connect your data silos and start to create insights.”

Predictive Works.

  • Recommender Powered
  • All-In-One Subscription
  • Self-Serve Orchestration
  • Self-Serve Composition
  • Executes Blueprints
  • Delivers Insights

Your Shortest Path to Competitive Advantage

Immediate Access to AI Crowd Innovation

“It has never been easier to make crowd innovation production-ready.”

Share the vision of actionable AI

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